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Costumed women having fun on a Halloween party

5 Fun Halloween Costumes You Can Make Without Breaking the Bank


You scoured the internet for the best Halloween costume ever and found the perfect one you could afford that would make you the talk of the party. Then life interrupted with its regular stuff – work, home, family, stress, repeat. Have no fear! Alta Brighton Park is here to help with five costumes that are quick, cheap, and will definitely get people talking.

Freudian Slip

Costumes that feature a play on words are sure to be a hit. Find an old full-length slip, or purchase one nearby at the Summerville Goodwill. Now, collect some of the best Freudian slip phrases you can get your hands on. For example: “Once you start making Freudian slips, it’s just one after a mother.” You can reference subconscious, repressed slip-ups from your own life or situations in the political world, familial phrases (typically including your mother or father), or anything you’ve imagined saying or accidentally did once, unfortunately revealing your true thoughts. Print out the phrases and tape or glue them to your slip. For a spin on this, focus on just Freudian slips from history. There’s one too many of them out there!

Bob Ross

The famous landscape painter from PBS has become a popular icon this year. Who wouldn’t want to dress up like him? Purchase the iconic wig and the rest is a breeze. A basic blue or white shirt and some jeans are the easy part, and then a homemade artist palette will complete the look. Cut the shape of a palette out of cardboard, slather some paint colors on it, and grab yourself any kind of paintbrush. You too can paint “happy little trees” and “happy little leaves.”

“Fixer Upper” Power Couple

You and your friend or partner can be the most popular TV power couple of the last five years. Chip and Joanna Gaines have simple clothes to replicate. Chances are you simply head to your closet. Find a light denim shirt and dark denim jeans for JoJo, and your basic jeans and shirt for Chip. Grab a hat, tool belt, and work boots to complete the Chip costume. Anywhere you can affix the Magnolia brand name, hat or shirt pocket, go for it! Finally, print a screenshot of your own home or a “Fixer Upper” house and bring it along for the big reveal! Paper and toner are likely to be your only cost for this costume.

Your Favorite Candy

Now’s your chance to get artistic! Become your favorite retro candy (Razzles, Dots, Hot Tamales), or today’s hottest new seller this holiday. Recycle an old packing box (think large appliances), and then paint the cardboard the background color of your candy box (Reese’s, M&M’s, Nerds). Using paints or markers to fill in the illustrations on the box is your next step. For a little extra decoration, use some fabric and decorate one of your own hats to showcase one of the candies from the box. Finally, cut out holes for your head and arms and cut out the bottom of the box. Cardboard, markers, paint, glue, scissors and your inner Picasso – that’s all it takes!


This one is almost too easy! Choose your favorite social media – be it SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, etc. – and get to work DIYing a T-shirt that represents it. For example, if you love Pinterest, choose a red T-shirt (you likely have one at home), and then print out the ‘P’ in white and affix it to your shirt (or paint it on if that’s easier). If you’re headed out with a group of friends for the holiday, you’re in luck, you can collectively be Social Media.

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