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How to Make Your Apartment Both Stylish and Functional


It’s the style of your space that gets the oohs and ahhhs, but it’s the function that will keep you organized. Combine the two and you’ve mastered the art of owning your space. For the fall, times are a changin’. And this year, everything that’s old is new again and hidden function is now the style. Alta Brighton Park has some tips on how to balance style and function.

Retro Chintz Fabrics are Back

Retro fabrics continue to push forward in the popularity line. To bring your space into 2019, find some bold retro patterns and use them to reupholster a couple of chair seats, create a featured window covering, or cover a wood piece with a geometric pattern. Great-Grandma’s sofa is back, and you can expect some compliments when you feature her fabric in your Alta Brighton Park space.

Hidden Charging Stations

When your friends or family are visiting they will no doubt need to charge up their phone or laptop. How convenient to have an end table or coffee table that provides that option – and it’s trendy and stylish! When your party moves into the kitchen, you’ll be ready with a hidden drawer docking system. Long gone are the days of bulky charging situations.

Mismatched Vibe

Whewww! Thank goodness it’s not a requirement to have completely matching dining chairs. Now you can find your groove with your favorite chair styles and upholstery patterns, and you’ll be able to move a couple of dining chairs into your living room space for extra seating without disrupting the vibe. Entertain with ease and maximize your space with pieces that flow seamlessly from room to room.

Shelves Featuring Your Collection Pieces

You have a lovely collection of items from a recent trip and no room to display it. Why not try floating wall shelves? They are typically neutral in color and can serve as a backdrop for just about anything. This idea gets your items off the coffee and end tables and showcases them where company can get a good view. You can also treat these shelves as a rotating feature wall! Definitely the epitome of functional and stylish.

For more great tips on functional design, visit the Alta Brighton Park blog.

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